Kiss Me Like A Stranger: My Search for Love and Art

Kiss Me Like A Stranger: My Search for Love and Art - Gene Wilder

We've all seen this wonderfully colorful and humble man, and incredibly talented and brilliant actor on our small television screens back when we were young, we've all laughed and we've all cried when he made us laugh out loud or cry our eyes out. But you know what? None of us really knew what was going on behind the scenes of those block buster movies he has filmed. None of us really knew what was he like in person when he wasn't portraying one of his characters that are still widely recognized all over the world, to this day. Well, this wonderful memoir written in his words, from his heart, and from his soul, sort of answers all those questions regarding his life, but it delves a lot deeper into his psyche, and into his mysterious personality. He's incredibly sincere in it from the very beginning and he doesn't stop being sincere until the very end. He shares with us the stories from his life, the kind most of us would rather not mention if we were writing our own memoirs, and he shares all the demons he has had to face throughout his life as an actor, as a public persona, and as a private man of wit and integrity. What I loved the most about this memoir, was the way he opened himself to me, his reader, and the way he was slowly uncovering his true self and unveiled his mistakes and imperfections. I don't know if I've ever encountered a memoir as sincere as this one, and I am deeply grateful to the lord for giving us this man who has brought smile to my face when I was young and always made my day a lot brighter with his brilliant delivery of his lines. He has truly found his love and his art, and was a true master of his craft, and if I may add, he was also a very talented writer. I'm still sad that he has left us, but I do know that wherever he is right now, or wherever his soul might be at the moment, he will always be remembered not only to us for his roles, but also to his family for his caring heart.